Attention type 2 and prediabetics...

Discover How To Treat Diabetes Without Drugs, Insulin or Crazy Diets, and Get Significantly Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

If you're concerned about your diabetes diagnosis -- whether it's type 2 or prediabetes -- then you need to hear everything I'm going to share with you. It's that important.

If you're not concerned... well, maybe you should be. The fact is that diabetes is a scary diagnosis. Diabetics are at greatly increased risk of...

  • A shortened life (5-10 years shorter is not uncommon)
  • Heart attacks (2-4 times more likely than non-diabetics)
  • High blood pressure
  • Toe and foot amputations
  • Kidney failure leading to a lifetime of dialysis or kidney transplant (if you're lucky enough to get one)
  • Blindness
  • Painful neuropathy
  • Premature aging
  • Many more so called "complications"

How's that for a bright future?

The truth is that high blood sugar destroys the body, little by little. It damages all sorts of tissues, including blood vessels, and it's going on all the time. Diabetes itself is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way. Research is showing that...

Diabetes Can Be Improved

Contrary to popular belief, it's perfectly possible to improve type 2 and prediabetes, to reduce or normalize blood sugar, and reduce or eliminate the need for antidiabetic drugs and insulin injections.

Here's why: 

Fact: Most Diabetics Still Have Plenty Of Insulin

Now, maybe you're asking yourself...

"If I have so much insulin, why am I diabetic?"

The short answer: Insulin resistance

The hallmark of type 2 and prediabetes is insulin resistance. By the way, prediabetes is just a milder form of type 2 diabetes, that frequently progresses to outright type 2.

What is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is the state when your body -- such as your muscles, fat cells and liver cells -- doesn't respond properly to insulin anymore.

This applies both to insulin that your pancreas makes, and injected insulin. Insulin resistance is the main cause of type 2 and prediabetes, and common in type 1 as well.

Fortunately, it can be improved.

To improve type 2 and prediabetes you need to reduce insulin resistance. When the insulin finally is more effective inside your body, your pancreas will actually produce the same amount of insulin (or less) but your blood sugar will still be lower, thanks to the greater impact of insulin.

And THAT, my friend, is the reason why type 2 and prediabetes can be treated naturally: The pancreas still produces adequate insulin. You probably have more than enough insulin in your blood right now to maintain normal blood sugars, but the insulin resistance is preventing your body from utilizing it properly.

So you don't need more insulin, you just need to "retune" your body to respond to it more effectively.

Make sense?

Insulin resistance is crucial to reduce, because it even affects how...

Your Own Body Manufactures Blood Sugar,
Even If You NEVER Eat Sugar!

Your body isn't actively trying to do you in, believe it or not. It's just that every human being (and mammal for that matter) has this built-in self-defense mechanism to keep blood sugar from falling too low. It's called gluconeogenesis, and literally means production of new blood sugar.

gluco = blood sugar
neo = new
genesis = creation

Your liver does that daily.

The problem in diabetes is that your liver has gone haywire and produces blood sugar like there's no tomorrow.


Because it's insulin resistant.

An insulin resistant liver doesn't respond to the signals -- from insulin -- to shut off its blood sugar production, so it's in overdrive all the time. This is largely due to fat in the liver, which has no business being there.

At the same time, the insulin production and secretion by the pancreas can be impaired as well, due to -- you guessed it -- fat inside the pancreas. Again, it shouldn't be there.

Luckily, these problems can be improved. The liver's blood sugar production can be brought down towards normal levels (this will lower your blood sugar), and the pancreas' insulin secretion can be increased.

By now, you can see how to lower your blood sugar:

  • Reduce the liver's insulin resistance (to bring down its blood sugar production)
  • Burn through the pancreatic fat (to improve insulin secretion)
  • Eat a diet that doesn't send blood sugar soaring and requires less insulin

Is All Of This Just A Nice Theory?

Not at all. 

Let me show you some examples of what's possible: 

Consider, for instance, this change in diet that a type 1 diabetic did (below). The blue arrow in the chart below marks the change. Immediately, his blood sugar (BG = Blood Glucose) dropped dramatically and remained -54% lower on average.

Blood sugar (BG) falls over

Source: Nielsen et al. Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2012 4:23

That's just one example of a natural treatment that has a dramatic impact on blood sugar levels and, by extension, your entire lifespan and healthspan. Results are slower in type 2 and prediabetics, but still very worthwhile. 

For another striking example, researchers at the Newcastle University, UK, conducted a study (the so called Counterpoint study published in Diabetologia in 2011) on type 2 diabetics and found that they could reduce their blood sugar rapidly with an experimental diet.

Blood sugar fell from a diabetic 166 mg/dl to an almost-normal 106 mg/dl in just 7 days, a -36% reduction. As expected, the blood sugar production in the liver was also reduced, which is what I was talking about earlier.  

For a longer term example, a group of type 2 and prediabetics were fed a so called ketogenic diet for 13 months, which resulted in a drop in fasting blood sugar from 189 mg/dl to a 88 or, in other words, from diabetic to normal!

They also lost -54 pounds (24½ kg).

Here is a visual representation of the results: 

But it’s not just diets that can be used to treat diabetes.

Below is an example of a natural supplement that has been found to be as effective at lowering blood sugar as the prescription drugs metformin and glipizide, according to a meta-analysis published in 2012 in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary And Alternative Medicine.

It lowered blood sugar by -36% in 13 weeks in diabetics, similar to the prescription drug metformin: 

Natural plant compound as effective
as prescription drugs

Imagine what a handful of supplements like this can do combined. If you choose to, you can learn more about this supplement today.

I could go on and on with examples like this all day, but I think you get the message. If not, let me spell it out for you: it really IS possible to successfully manage diabetes with natural methods. 

And that's where I come in

My name is John Hawkins and I've been researching and writing about the metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes and so on for 10 years.

I'm constantly scouring medical journals, to learn more on how to improve health, slow down aging, reduce blood sugar and insulin resistance and other cool -- well at least useful -- stuff. I've mapped out how to manage diabetes, and how to do it naturally, to boot. In fact, I discovered that some natural methods are so effective, they're outright scary

If you're not careful with the strategies I've gathered, you might end up with dangerously low blood sugar. Think of my strategies as home remedies on steroids.

Since learning so much, I decided to put it all inside an ebook that shows exactly how any diabetic can lower their blood sugar naturally, resulting in a significantly reduced risk of diabetes-related complications. My ebook is called "The Solution For Diabetes".

Here is, in greater detail, what you'll learn inside:

  • The diet that reduced blood sugar by -36% in a group of type 2 diabetics, in just 7 short days, taking them from the diabetic to the normal range! (Don't try this without your doctor's permission.)
  • The method, tested in 11 volunteers, that slashed their blood sugar by -9.8% in just 48 hours! (On average, they went from prediabetic blood sugar to normal. Insulin resistance fell by -40.3% and liver fat was reduced by -30%, all within 48 hours.)
  • How simple changes to your diet can stop the onslaught of high post-meal blood sugars (This goes against the "standard advice" that you'll hear from doctors, dieticians and diabetes organizations. But it works.)
  • Numerous ways to make your insulin work more effectively inside your body 24/7 (in other words, reduce the insulin resistance that is the root cause of type 2 and pre-diabetes)!
  • How to determine if you suffer from "hidden" obesity, and how to get rid of it if you do! (This is a gravely underestimated problem, where a person thinks he or she is lean but, health-wise, is obese, and it wrecks your health and profoundly promotes diabetes. Simple fix, though. Explained in chapter 2)
  • The so called "CR-LIPE diet" that reduced kidney failure and death by -40% to -50% compared to the standard diet in type 2 diabetics! (This should be required reading for any diabetic, not to mention doctor)
  • The best natural, prescription-free supplements that virtually force your blood sugar to go down.
  • The right way to prepare your food whenever you can. (To save time and reduce inflammation and insulin does make a difference)
  • How a group of type 2 diabetics with heart disease lost 11 pounds (5 kg) in 12 weeks, without consciously limiting calories! They also went from diabetic to normal fasting blood sugar levels. (This diet is based on how we evolved to eat)
  • Why some diabetics are apparently lean (research is showing that lean diabetics may be worse off than overweight ones... I'll show you what to do in this situation, though.)
  • One bad habit that is extra harmful to diabetics (this will slash years off your life if you let it)
  • Does coffee really protect against diabetes..? Or promote it?
    (Hint: It's actually BOTH, depending on when you drink it!)
  • The experimental diet that reduced kidney failure and death by -50% compared to the standard diet! (This should be required reading for any diabetic, not to mention doctor)
  • The mineral that promotes diabetes (No, not sodium. Research shows that too much of this mineral elevates blood sugar, blood fats, cholesterol, inflammation, insulin resistance and even blood pressure. I'll show you how to optimize your levels... Chapter 3)
  • The truth about protein, carbohydrate, fats and alcohol, and how they affect blood sugar! (In a few short pages, you'll know more than 99% of the population about these crucial issues)
  • Why blood donors and vegetarians have lower diabetes risk (and how to mimic their risk-reduction without giving up meat. I guarantee you've never heard about this, and neither has your doctor.)
  • Why an Atkins-style diet is not optimal for diabetics
  • A sinfully delicious super-food known to slash insulin resistance, reduce blood pressure (it has a nice, low glycemic index, too!)
  • The delicious spice, that is probably hiding in your cupboard, which could reduce your fasting blood sugar by -25 mg/dl (-1.4 mmol/L) or more!

Okay, I'll reveal it: Cinnamon. You see, I can easily afford to give away some of my secrets for free, because my ebook contains plenty of other methods so I know you're going to find it useful anyway. In my ebook I reveal exactly which dose of cinnamon is appropriate, and whether you should be concerned about the potential toxic effects of the coumarins in cinnamon.

This stuff won't overcome your diabetes:

  • Why fruit and vegetables won't get rid of your diabetes (look, veggies are fine if you like them, but there's little evidence that mixed fruit and vegetables will improve your blood sugar control)
  • Making sense of "slow" and "fast" carbohydrates, glycemic index and glycemic load (If you've ever been confused by these terms, I explain them in dead simple ways everyone can understand and apply immediately.)
  • How to target the root causes of diabetes! My program is aimed at identifying and improving the cellular mechanisms that cause diabetes, such as fat inside the liver and pancreas, insulin resistance, and inflammation. By using these principles, over time, you'll find that your body gets more resilient and ages slower.
  • The mineral that diabetics are commonly deficient in (and that help control your diabetes if you increase it)
  • How one bad habit can promote obesity, insulin resistance, stress hormones and enhance your appetite. (Evidence is accumulating that you need to pay attention to this part of your lifestyle, or your health will never be optimal again)
  • Why some people can weigh upwards of 300 pounds (135 kg) or more and still be healthy. (They don't have diabetes... This is really fascinating stuff. This isn't one in a million, either. It's a significant part of the population, lucky bastards!)

As you can see, in "The Solution For Diabetes" you'll get numerous of tips and techniques that fight diabetes naturally. 

What sets my ebook apart from 
others, and free info on the 'Net

You may think that all of this is available for free on the Internet, or from other sources... it's NOT.

I have institutional access (that you don't) to medical journals, which are password protected, that require YOU to pay $25-$50 for just one single study (!) I, on the other hand, can get most of it for free, before it's published in print.


My program was updated and revised in the winter of 2013, so it's based on recent, up-to-date science.

Besides, everyone has a voice on the Internet, but it also means that it's overflowing with disinformation and myths. There's a ton of information out there, but my program is neatly summarized, updated and relevant.

My program is scientifically-backed by over 200 published, peer-reviewed medical studies (If you're a nerd, like me, you can satisfy your curiosity and look up the evidence yourself)

Pharmaceutical companies will NOT tell you about these methods, because they only make money as long as you're sick. When you get healthy, you don't need their drugs anymore. There's no crazy conspiracy going on, it's just business as usual. Keeping you sick is good for their bottom line.

Your doctor may have good intentions, but is simply not trained in effective natural methods for lowering blood sugar. Besides, most doctors simply don't know how to treat diabetes naturally, and might even discourage you from doing it.

Until "The Solution For Diabetes" was put together, only bits and pieces of these concepts were scattered in medical journals. This is the first time that such a comprehensive, accurate and relevant program even exists.

These tips are designed to work whether you're young or old, lean or overweight, recently diagnosed or if you've had diabetes for a long time. The tips in my ebook will improve your blood sugar control whether you're suffering from prediabetes (which is just mild type 2 diabetes), outright type 2 diabetes or even type 1 diabetes.

Even though my ebook is scientifically backed, it's also easy to understand, even if you know zero about the subject right now. It's a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point kind of program with actionable strategies all the way.

I can't overemphasize how powerfully these secrets can impact your life.

If you do choose to follow the steps I suggest, then...

Shedding Unwanted Weight Is Almost A Spontaneous, Involuntary Side-Benefit

Don't be surprised when your friends and family beg you to reveal how you transformed yourself in such a short time!

Now, maybe you can see why "The Solution For Diabetes" is threatening to annihilate the "old truths" of treating diabetes.

The secrets about to be revealed to you can cause dramatic, surprising and sudden changes in your health, your blood tests and your outlook on life. After putting my strategies to use, your biggest problem may become how to save extra money for your retirement, because you might live that much longer.

Order Today And Get These Reports
Absolutely FREE

Because I felt there are some additional things that are essential to your success in treating your diabetes, but I couldn't fit into my program in a logical way, I decided to write some "bonus reports" for you.

So I'm going to throw in the following gifts, as well, when you order today.

Bonus #1: Anti-Diabetic Eating

Use these examples as a guide to meals that fight diabetes, and don't spike blood sugar.

I include exact amounts, cooking methods, nutrition information and so on. There is absolutely NO guesswork.

These meal plans will practically force your blood sugar to go down. You can even use these to lose weight if you want to. I explain exactly how, inside. Just follow the instructions and watch your blood sugar decline. 

Bonus #2: How To Stop Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

I felt I had to write this report on natural treatments for painful diabetic neuropathy, the tingling, burning, "pins and needles" feelings, pain and numbness that a lot of diabetics get in their hands and feet, caused by high blood sugar (and other factors) over time.

Most people are unsatisfied with the conventional treatmentbut few diabetics know about the natural alternatives that exist.

Natural treatments in my report
Conventional treatments for neuropathy
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Pain-relieving creams and sprays
  • Physical stimulation
  • Prescription-free
  • Scientifically proven
  • Anti-depressive medications
  • Anti-epileptic medications (!)
  • Drugs used to treat abnormal heartbeats (anti-arrhythmics) (!)
  • Considerable side effects
  • Require prescription
  • Low patient satisfaction (27%)

With this report in your hands, you can not only treat the pain and symptoms naturally, but actually target some of the root causes of painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Imagine being free to live your life as you want to, and finally get a restful night's sleep again.

Bonus #3: Weight Loss Supplements That Work

Who doesn't want to lose some weight? But why make it harder than it has to be? There ARE effective supplements out there and in this report you will find some that:

  • Suppress hunger and appetite
  • Reduce the desire to snack between meals
  • Reduce absorption of fat from your diet
  • Counteract weight rebound after weight loss
  • Burn extra calories

Best part: They're all prescription-free.

In fact, one supplement is completely FREE and you can start using it today (I guarantee that you have it in your house already!) I also point you to specific, recommended products and doses, so you can use this information without thinking at all.

Bonus #4: Diabetic Diet Secrets

In this short report, I describe the diet that restored normal fasting blood sugar in 90% of type 2 diabetes who tried it in just 6 weeks, and 100% of them had normal fasting blood sugar after 12 weeks.

Even if you'd throw away my main ebook and the other reports, this information alone would be a BIG step towards normal blood sugar. It's that good.

So What Is All This Going To Cost?

Let's first talk about what it's NOT going to cost.

I've seen products by health authors for $100 or more. And many of these products don't have ½ of the information and secrets I share with you.

Some of the scientific studies I used to write my program cost $25-$35 or more. Each. And I used over 200 studies...

But I'm not charging anywhere close to that.

Today, I'm offering "The Solution For Diabetes" for only $37!

That's a deal no matter how you look at it. Think of it this way -- how much is diabetes costing you in terms of expensive insurance co-pays, drugs, insulin, doctor's appointments, absence from work, side effects, constant blood sugar testing, anxiety over declining health and feeling depressed about it all?

Not to mention the obvious risk of diabetic complications, and a shorter life... 

Besides, you don't risk a penny by ordering now, because you are protected by my:

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just click on the button or link below and you'll be taken to the secure ordering page where you can enter your payment details. Then you'll be able to read the ebook and bonus reports immediately.

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I honestly believe you're going to love my program. So please... don't pass up this ridiculously generous risk-free offer... you may never get an opportunity to have these reports in your hands again.

Yours in health,

John Hawkins
Author -- The Solution For Diabetes

P.S. Still not convinced? Check out what some of my readers had to say:

Reader reviews of The Solution For Diabetes

"...the level of detail and the information given is of a very high standard..."

"I received a copy of The Solution For Diabetes, and as someone with Type 2 diabetes, I was very interested to read this ebook to learn more about if, and how, it could be possible to improve the condition, something I had never even considered possible. I expected to find a thirty odd page ebook full of generalisations, hints and tips, and after only the first few pages, it became apparent that I had something in front of me that was far from this.

Over 90 pages, and these being in ‘normal printed book size’ fonts – not some oversized font to make one page of content take more than three pages, so there is a lot to read here. Also, besides being well written, the ebook is very well structured, both in terms of it’s content laid out quite naturally into chapters covering specific aspects such as the causes, diet, exercise, use of supplements etc, but it also contains many references to the relevant scientific studies that are quoted, over two hundred of them throughout the ebook.

To give an indication of the depth of detail that the ebook contains is very difficult in a short review, however I will point out that each of the chapters described in brief below are in themselves ‘mini books’ about the various things that form the symptoms, causes, and relief from diabetes.

The first chapter serves as an introduction to diabetes, it’s different types, the dangers, and how to manage it naturally.

Chapter 2 – the relationship between the body’s fat and high blood sugar. I learnt here that diabetes is actually an epidemic, and a recent one at that, fuelled by a modern diet. I also learned that whilst I am not overweight according to my physical size, I do have fat accumulated in one particular area that is not good for me.

I don’t want to go in to detail about the next chapter, as I feel it is an important part of the ebook that should be left to readers of the ebook to discover for themselves, except to say I was shocked to find out about this part of our everyday diet that has so much effect on insulin levels and high blood sugar, and no, it’s not sugar!

The next three chapters cover diet, exercise, and supplements. Again, the level of detail and the information given is of a very high standard, at times almost bordering on that of scientific paper, however remaining perfectly readable to a point where I found it difficult to put down. I just wanted to learn more from someone who obviously has not only experience but also passion on the subject.

The final chapters makes interesting connections between diabetes and firstly sleep, and how we sleep, and then with smoking and it’s effects in relation to diabetes.

I’m not a doctor, neither do I have any detailed knowledge of medical matters generally. I’m an engineer by profession, and this ebook has explained to me in sufficient detail, backed up with references to accredited sources, in a no-nonsense, easy to read manner, so much more information about diabetes than I ever thought I would know, in fact more than I thought I would be interested in learning about it. From here, it has given me a burning desire to put in to practice what the author recommends to improve my own condition. If you or someone close to you has diabetes, or may be concerned that diabetes or high blood sugar levels could be a possible explanation for feeling unwell, or if you wish to have a better understanding of how our diet and eating habits can be modified to work with our natural chemistry instead of fighting against it, I highly recommend you get your copy now of this ebook, because it will improve your life and wellbeing."

Phil S., Type 2 diabetic
Lake District, England

"These eBooks are truly a comprehensive package and cover just about everything to help manage and fight diabetes"

“I have been a type 2 diabetic for over 10 years and suffer from high glucose, neuropathy, and poor eye sight all because of my type two diabetes that I have been fighting for over 10+ years.

I received the following:

  • The Solution for Diabetes
  • Weight Loss Supplements that Work
  • How to Stop Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Anti-Diabetic Eating
  • Diabetic Diet Secrets

These products are the complete package! They hit upon all aspects of diabetes and great solutions to help manage this disease.

The Solution for Diabetes:

This is a comprehensive, 96 page eBook and covers everything from A-Z. A big plus is that this ebook contains complete references extra resources so you can research all of the material in much deeper detail. Quite honestly this ebook covers everything in detail and there is no need to dig any deeper.

Weight Loss Supplements that Work:

This guide reveals many not-so-well-known, over the counter ways to help control your diabetes. Many of which I never heard of and will give them a try.

How to Stop Painful Diabetic Neuropathy:

I have been plagued with neuropathy in both of my feet for years and it just keeps getting worse. Many nights I cannot even sleep because of the burning and stabbing pain. I have tried both Gabapentin and Lyrica (both are prescription only). I personally tried several of these techniques and have received some amazing results in very short time.

Anti-Diabetic Eating:

Along with being overweight, my diet is the main cause for my diabetes. This covers the essentials for a healthy diet and nutritional facts.

Diabetic Diet Secrets:

This guide reveals how to improve diabetes through diet. I personally have been using the principles outlined in this document before reading this and they work!

All are professionally written, easy to understand, detailed, and most of all a pleasure to read. I consider myself an expert when it comes to Diabetes research. I must have compiled thousands of articles and so-call solutions to manage my diabetes. These eBooks are truly a comprehensive package and cover just about everything to help manage and fight diabetes.

I am using many of the techniques to help manage my condition. There are just too many ideas packed into this package to try them all. This really is a fantastic package and I give it two thumbs-up and a buy recommendation.

Brian M. Wilson
McCormick, SC

P.P.S. Remember, you're protected by my 100% money back guarantee for 60 full days when you get my ebook and related reports:

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