Attention type 2 and prediabetics...

Discover How To Treat Diabetes Without Drugs, Insulin or Crazy Diets, and Get Significantly Lower Blood Sugar Naturally


If you or a loved one suffer from type 2 or prediabetes, you’ll want to read this eye-opening page IN FULL to discover the natural process that causes high blood sugar... and how to turn it around to get off drugs and insulin, reduce your blood sugar substantially, and live a longer and happier life.

Now... you have every right to be skeptical at this point. There's SO much misguided and down right DANGEROUS advice on the internet, you'd be crazy to follow everything you read.

THIS is different because I'm not going to try to convince you about anything. I'll give you the facts and walk you through the scientific studies so you can make your own decision.

Choosing to treat diabetes naturally is, in fact, a very important decision. The sad reality is that diabetes is a serious disease: it's the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, and a contributing factor in many more.

Diabetics are at greatly increased risk of…

  • A shortened life (5-10 years shorter is not uncommon)
  • Heart attacks (2-4 times more likely than non-diabetics)
  • High blood pressure (and the resulting risk of strokes)
  • Toe and foot amputations
  • Kidney failure leading to a lifetime of dialysis, or a kidney transplant, if you're lucky enough to get one...
  • Blindness
  • Painful neuropathy in the feet and hands
  • Premature aging (yes, high blood sugar ages the skin too)
  • And many more so called "complications"

High blood sugar destroys the body, little by little. It damages all sorts of tissues, including blood vessels, and it's going on ALL the time.

How's that for a bright future?

Fortunately, research is showing that diabetes CAN be improved naturally

It's perfectly possible to improve type 2 and prediabetes, to reduce or normalize blood sugar, and reduce or discontinue anti-diabetic medications and insulin injections.

Here’s why:

Contrary to popular belief...

Your Body CAN Actually Produce Enough Insulin To Maintain Normal Blood Sugar

If we compare insulin levels of diabetes-free people with those of diabetics, we can see that type 2s have almost as much insulin as non-diabetics, while prediabetics have even more. The research behind this chart dates back to 1968, so this is a well-established finding.

So now you might be asking yourself:

"If I have so much insulin, why am I diabetic?"

The short answer is: insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is when your tissues – such as your muscles, fat cells and, most importantly, liver cells – don’t respond properly to insulin. This applies both to insulin that your pancreas makes, as well as injected insulin.

If you're a type 2 or a prediabetic you probably have more than enough insulin in your blood right now to maintain normal blood sugars, but the insulin resistance is preventing your body from using it properly.

So you DON'T need more insulin, you just need to “re-tune” your body to respond to it more effectively.

Makes sense?

Insulin resistance is important to reduce, because it affects how...

Your Own Body Manufactures Blood Sugar,
Even If You Never Eat Sugar!

That’s right. The little-known fact is that your own body produces blood sugar. And most of it takes place in your liver.

Now, why would your liver do such a seemingly stupid thing? Is it trying to harm you?

Quite the contrary.

Your liver is actually trying to save your life.

You see, every animal has this ancient self-defense mechanism that evolved over eons. When the body senses that blood sugar levels are low, it will manufacture some more to prevent it from dropping too low. After all, too little blood sugar is certainly undesirable, even deadly.

This life-saving function is called gluconeogenesis, which literally means "creation of new blood sugar".

The problem in diabetes is that the liver has gone haywire and produces blood sugar like there's no tomorrow.


Again, it’s largely caused by insulin resistance in the liver.

Normally, insulin signals your liver to reduce its blood sugar production, but with an insulin resistant liver the signal is blunted. Hence, the liver produces too much blood sugar.

And this happens whether you eat sugar and carbs or not.

That's why you can wake up after eating NOTHING for 12 hours, measure your blood sugar, and find that it's high. Because even when you were sleeping, your liver was unnecessarily creating new blood sugar, preventing your blood sugar level from dropping.

So, insulin resistance really plays a central role in type 2 and prediabetes.


Insulin Resistance Can Be Reduced

There are numerous natural treatments that you can start using today that improve insulin resistance and allow your body to use insulin normally again, which will help control your blood sugar. Many of these methods are very simple. I’ll show you some examples soon.

And when you improve your sensitivity to insulin, it will change everything about diabetes for you.

It will:

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for diabetes drugs, including injected insulin
  • Allow you to eat a normal, healthy, diet again, including carbs (although you can't gorge on crazy junk food all the time)
  • Never have to prick your finger to check your blood sugar regularly again
  • Reduce your fasting blood sugar and long term blood sugar
  • As a consequence, reduce the risk of diabetic complications like kidney failure, blindness, diabetic neuropathy, amputations, heart disease, premature mortality, and so on...

Yes, these are pretty bold claims. However, there's a lot of scientific evidence that proves natural treatments can have these positive effects.

For instance, an innovative diet called ”CR-LIPE” was tested against a standard treatment diet in type 2 diabetics at high risk of kidney failure:

Over 4 years, 22% developed kidney failure on the standard diet and 18% died. In contrast, only 11% and 9% of the special diet group experienced kidney failure or death, respectively. That's a 50% reduction.

For another example, researchers at the Newcastle University, UK, conducted a study on type 2 diabetics and found that they could reduce their blood sugar rapidly with a low-calorie diet.

Blood sugar fell from a diabetic 166 to an almost-normal 106 milligrams per deciliter in just 7 days - a 36% reduction. As expected, the blood sugar production and insulin resistance in the liver were also reduced, which is what I was talking about earlier.

For a longer term example, a group of type 2 and prediabetics were fed a so called ketogenic diet for 13 months, which resulted in a drop in fasting blood sugar from 189 to 88 milligrams per deciliter or, in other words, from diabetic to normal!

They also lost 54 pounds or 24.5 kilos.

Here's a visual representation of the results:

Furthermore, their cholesterol decreased 19%, the good cholesterol increased 54%, bad cholesterol dropped 34% and blood fats were CRUSHED by 79%.

Do you think a prescription drug can rival that? Neither do I...

Here’s another example of a natural supplement equally effective at lowering blood sugar as the prescription drugs metformin and glipizide, according to a meta-analysis published in 2012.

In one study, it lowered blood sugar by 36% in 13 weeks in diabetics, on par with the prescription drug metformin.

I could go on and on with examples like this all day, but I think you get the message which, of course, is that it really IS possible to successfully manage diabetes with natural methods. And you can learn exactly how to do it, today. More about that in a minute.

Now, if natural methods are so effective...

Why Haven’t You Heard About This Already?

Well, there’s a great conspiracy to suppress this information, and it involves Big Pharma, the health care industry and doctors.

Just kidding.

There’s no crazy conspiracy, it’s just that doctors get paid regardless, whether you’re sick or healthy. The easiest thing for them is to just push pills, and needles as the case may be.

Besides, most doctors aren’t trained in natural treatments for diabetes, and may feel threatened by them, and are likely to discourage you from finding out more.

In fact, in a survey of diabetics who wanted to improve their blood sugar naturally, almost half had a negative response to support from their health care practitioner.

As for pharmaceutical companies, they have ZERO interest in these methods because natural treatments can't be patented. No patent, no profit. Hence, pharmaceutical companies will NOT tell you about natural treatments. In fact, they’d prefer that you don’t know about them. At the end of the day, they have more profitable medicine to promote.

And they do promote them - by spending MILLIONS of dollars on advertising in newspapers, websites, magazines and television.

That's why journalists and mass media won’t tell you much about natural treatment options for diabetes, either. That would piss "Big Pharma" off, which might cause a withdrawal of advertising dollars. You simply don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

But, surely, the advent of the internet will make this knowledge freely available, right?

The problem is that everyone has a voice on the Internet and there’s so much disinformation and myths out there that the right information is almost impossible to find.

I’m talking about myths such as...

”Fruit and vegetables will lower your blood sugar”

Makes sense, right? Everyone knows fruit and veggies are great. Surely they can improve diabetes, right?


In a study published in Diabetes Care in December 2012, overweight volunteers, half of whom were prediabetic, were fed a diet with a low, medium or high fruit and vegetable intake. By the end of 12 weeks, there was NO CHANGE in diabetes markers in any group. There is currently no good reason to believe that mixed fruits and vegetables will improve your diabetes.

Another misleading claim you might have heard is that... 

"Omega-3 fats reduce blood sugar"

However, a meta-analysis published in 2008 looked at 23 studies on more than a thousand type 2 diabetics and found that omega-3 supplements do NOT lower blood sugar, long-term blood sugar OR body weight.

With myths such as these floating around in virtually every website, book and magazine, is it any wonder that the correct information is so hard to find?

Now, here are some actual

Proven Tricks That Help Control Blood Sugar Naturally

For example, a meta-analysis published in 2013 found that cinnamon can reduce fasting blood sugar by 25 milligrams per deciliter in type 2 diabetics. That's a very worthwhile decrease from something so simple.

Another example would be garlic.

Garlic tablets have consistently been found to reduce blood sugar and blood fats in type 2 diabetics.

Those are just two examples. There are tons of tricks like these that help control blood sugar naturally and I could go on and on about them all day, but this letter is already getting far too long.

Instead, I've put all this information in a comprehensive book that you can download and read at your own pace.

It's called The Solution For Diabetes and it's got over 100 pages of easy-to-read information, tips and strategies for lowering blood sugar and controlling type 2 and prediabetes NATURALLY.

The Answers Are Found In My Detailed Guide

I've been researching and writing about the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, insulin resistance and anti-aging strategies for over 10 years, all from a natural, prescription-free point of view, and this book is a compilation of all the worthwhile strategies I've uncovered for treating type 2 and prediabetes.

For this reason the information you're getting is scientifically accurate and, what's important, laid out in easy to understand terms. This isn't one of those guides filled with fluff and filler. You're getting actionable advice that you can put to work immediately.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn from The Solution For Diabetes:

  • How to target the root causes of type 2 and prediabetes, such as insulin resistance, inflammation and pancreatic dysfunction
  • Diet strategies, nutrition and supplements that virtually force your blood sugar to go down
  • Lifestyle factors that are likely affecting your blood sugar
  • And 100% natural, prescription-free methods for treating diabetes

With new scientific studies being released all the time it's hard to get up to date information online. What you're getting is a new and updated 2015 edition of the book that factors in those studies for best results.

Now... the methods you're going to discover are designed to work whether you're young or old, lean or overweight, recently diagnosed or if you've had diabetes for a long time. Whether you have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. They can even improve type 1 diabetes too.

As an added benefit, if you follow the steps in the guide, then shedding unwanted weight is almost a spontaneous, involuntary side-benefit.

Here’s what Phil, from Lake District, England, said about the guide:

"The level of detail and the information given is of a very high standard"
“I received a copy of The Solution For Diabetes and, as someone with type 2 diabetes, I was very interested to read it to learn more about if, and how, it could be possible to improve the condition, something I had never even considered possible. I expected to find a thirty odd page ebook full of generalisations, hints and tips, and after only the first few pages, it became apparent that I had something in front of me that was far from this.

The level of detail and the information given is of a very high standard, at times almost bordering on that of scientific paper, however remaining perfectly readable to a point where I found it difficult to put down.

If you or someone close to you has diabetes, I highly recommend you get this book, because it will improve your life and well being.”

Look, I really want you to succeed with this, which is why, in addition to the book, I'm also going to be sending you these 3 free gifts.

Bonus #1: Diabetic Diet Secrets

The first gift you're going to be getting is a special report on diabetes diets. I know, “diet” is a dirty word these days, however this is a simple, delicious, and easy-to-follow program that doesn't require you to be hungry all the time. In fact, it has been shown to suppress appetite compared to some other popular diets.

This very same diet restored normal fasting blood sugar in 90% of type 2 diabetics who tried it in just 6 weeks. After 12 weeks, 100% of them had normal fasting blood sugar.

The side effects of this program include weight loss, improved cholesterol, blood fats and blood pressure.

It's a realistic program you can follow even with a full time job, kids, family and other obligations.

Bonus #2: Weight Loss Supplements That Work

The second gift you're going to be getting is a special report on weight loss supplements. With so many bogus weight loss pills out there it's hard to find supplements that actually work.

I'll show you the best supplements that:

  • Suppress hunger and appetite
  • Reduce the desire to snack between meals
  • Minimize weight rebound after weight loss
  • And burn extra calories

There's even one completely free supplement that you have in your home already and that you can start using today.

Bonus #3: How To Stop Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

The third gift you're going to be getting is a special report on stopping painful diabetic neuropathy.

I’m talking about the tingling, burning, "pins and needles" feelings, the pain and numbness that a lot of diabetics get in their feet and hands, caused by high blood sugar (and other factors) over time.

Most people are unsatisfied with the conventional treatments but few diabetics know about the natural alternatives that exist.

In this report you’ll discover scientifically proven treatments such as:

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Pain-relieving creams and sprays
  • Physical stimulation

These methods are prescription-free and, in addition to controlling the symptoms, actually target some of the root causes of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Imagine being free to live your life as you want to, and finally get a restful night's sleep again.

So to recap, you're getting:

  • a digital copy of “The Solution For Diabetes” book
  • a special report called “Diabetes Diet Secrets
  • a second special report titled “Weight Loss Supplements That Work
  • and a third special report called “How To Stop Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Because these are all digital copies you'll be able to download them and get started immediately.

Now, if you're still not sure whether this is right for you, check out what Brian from McCormick, South Carolina had to say:

"There are just too many ideas packed into this package to try them all"
I have been a type 2 diabetic for over 10 years and suffer from high glucose, neuropathy, and poor eye sight all because of my type two diabetes.

I consider myself an expert when it comes to diabetes research. I must have compiled thousands of articles and so-call solutions to manage my diabetes. The Solution For Diabetes along with all the other resources are truly a comprehensive package and cover just about everything to help manage and fight diabetes.

I am using many of the techniques to help manage my condition. There are just too many ideas packed into this package to try them all. This really is a fantastic package and I give it two thumbs-up and a buy recommendation.

So What Is All This Going To Cost?

Now… I hope you understand that creating a high quality book such as this does NOT come cheap. You may not know this, but scientific studies are rarely free. Many of them cost 25 to 35 dollars or more to access EACH... and over 200 were used.

So if you were to compile this information yourself, you'd be looking at a cost of hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars, not to mention the time spent on research.

That is exactly why much of the free info on the Internet is crap and I'm not afraid to say it.

Now… considering all this, would 100 dollars be a fair price for the information in this book?

ABSOLUTELY. In fact, that's what other experts suggested to charge.

But I'm not going to charge that, because I want to make this information more accessible.

If you act now, you can get a digital copy of The Solution For Diabetes AND all the special reports for only 37 dollars.

That's a deal no matter how you look at it.

Just to make it easier for you, I want to take all the risk out of your decision. I'm going to give you an UNCONDITIONAL 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you're not absolutely THRILLED with the book or the special reports, send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and I'll happily refund your money. No hassles, no questions asked. You can even keep the program, I trust you to be fair.

With that in mind, click the buy button below and you'll be taken to a 100% secure order page where you can complete your purchase. You'll be getting the guide and the reports instantly.

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If you're ready to recover your health and quality of life, this is the time to act. I've shown you the path, but I can't take the first step for you.

At this point you can either decide to continue using drugs and insulin, try to scour the internet for reliable sources of information, OR get the scientifically proven methods in this book on a silver platter.

Go ahead and click to buy and get started on your path to a healthy and fulfilled life right now.

Yours in health,

Martin Malmberg
Author -- The Solution For Diabetes

P.S. Did you know that diabetes is an epidemic that is spreading rapidly around the world? If conventional treatments are so effective, why are they powerless to stop this condition?

Health care services are already crippled by this burgeoning epidemic. The cost of diabetes was 245 billion dollars (that's billion with a b) in the United States alone in 2012, up from 174 billion dollars in 2007.

That's an increase of 41% in 5 short years.

And it's going to get worse. A lot worse.

We may very well come to a point where the health care system will simply have to turn away patients because there won't be money to treat everyone.

Due to an aging population, many people require medical care and drugs, and it's damn expensive. Not far from now, everyone may have to pay for their own drugs, insulin, health examinations, medical treatments and doctor appointments IN FULL. Medical insurance rates will explode. There is simply not enough money to pay for this raging epidemic.

If you're reliant on drugs, conventional treatments and the health care system, it's going to get ugly. If you can't afford paying bills to an industry that has NO interest in keeping you healthy, you'll simply be sent home and told to "get your affairs in order."

Or just consider any temporary interruption in drugs, medical supplies or health care services, for whatever reason. If you're dependent on those, that could spell doom.

That’s why natural treatments are the way to go, regardless if your measuring stick is time, money, quality of life or lifespan.

But even if you had unlimited access to health care, there’s another strong reason to learn about natural treatment options:

An article published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association in 2000 concluded that avoidable medical errors committed by doctors cause 225,000 deaths annually.

Here are the estimates of the number of people unnecessarily killed in the US health care system each year, and their causes:

  • 12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgery
  • 7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals
  • 20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals
  • 80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals
  • And 106,000 deaths from non-error, adverse effects of medications

By contrast, diabetes takes around 70,000 lives in the US each year. So what is more deadly, really? Diabetes, or the conventional treatments?

With statistics like that, do you really want to put your entire health and well being in your doctor’s hands? In the hands of the medical establishment, that has NO interest in keeping you healthy?

Or will you get the education you need to lower your blood sugar naturally, and minimize your need for conventional treatments?

If you’ve read this far, I know you want to improve your blood sugar naturally. So why not do it today, right now? Go ahead and click the button below to get started immediately.

If you’re still here, it means you’re not happy with your diabetes. That’s good, because it’s the first step to getting better.

So what are you going to do? You can spend even more money on methods that treat the symptoms only, or cause significant side effects, or simply don’t work. Then, when they fail you, you can come back here and get my guides.

Or you can save yourself the time, money and frustration and get it right the first time, by taking advantage of my risk-free offer today.

So what’s it going to be?

Remember, if you want something you’ve never had, you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done. So go ahead and buy now to find out what you’ve been missing to control your blood sugar.

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